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Product Brief

Advanced d - Introductionatabase integration and job scheduling
Native integration to Oracle, DB2, Sybase and MS SQL beyond basic BCS integration
To connect SQL data bases to SharePoint in real life scenarios are not a trivial task. Especially when the its non-Microsoft data bases. In addition, Ontolica Fusion provides integration with optimized native database drivers to Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and MS SQL for advanced and scalable business and meta data integration.

Easy installation and management of SharePoint
Mass create, update, copy, move, and delete content in batches
To make large scale changes to content in SharePoint can be a challenge and to manipulate thousands or millions of documents or list items across one or more SharePoint Farms are often quite time consuming. Ontolica Fusion enables mass batch changes, as well as the ability to move and copy content across the same or multiple farms. This functionality is supported by multi-tasking and automatic throttling against SharePoint APIs.

Full development sandbox and separate production environment
To implement enterprise integration often requires careful testing before deployment which can be challenging and resource demanding in order to reflect realistic production environments. Ontolica Fusion includes respectively development, test and production environments with ability to transparently move integration jobs between environments. Integration jobs are self-contained with all configuration data making it easy to promote jobs into production.
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