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Product Brief

Ontolica Preview

Deliver Beautiful User Interfaces and Enterprise class document previews beyond basic preview in SP2013 & SP2016

Enterprise class document previews

A good preview solution will significantly improve end-user productivity in SharePoint. On the other hand a preview solution that lacks in enterprise class robustness will often lead to end-user frustration and adverse effects. Ontolica Preview is a true enterprise class solution, which to supports virtually any file format and content source accessible to, and works across files shares as well as SharePoint. With Ontolica Preview, content is viewable across from almost any computer, mobile smart phone, or tablet device with a 100% thin client minimum client implementation on existing SharePoint farm infrastructures.

View and print over 500 files formats directly in SharePoint

Most organizations have great many different types of file formats stores in SharePoint and on their files shares. With Ontolica, content previews are quickly available to view, scale, and print without native client applications. For example, Ontolica Preview enables users to view CAD drawings and InDesign layouts without the need to install AutoCAD or InDesign. Ontolica supports over 500 different documents and file formats making it the most comprehensive file support platform available.

Previews documents on file shares

Not all documents or files are optimally kept in SharePoint. Some, for example large files like CAD documents, are in some organizations better stored on files shares and then referenced within SharePoint. Ontolica Preview delivers transparent support for content residing on file shares to provide a consistent user interface experience regardless of where the item is stored.

Fast and responsive with pre-cached previews

Previewing of documents and other content in SharePoint enables end-users to quickly identify information that is relevant to them. This means that a preview solution must be highly responsive to provide the end-users with a productive experience. Previewing of documents and other content in SharePoint enables end-users to quickly identify information that is applicable to them. Ontolica Preview makes relevant information available instantly with first-page and pre-cached preview images that provide a latency-free end-user experience.

Search enabled preview

With the right type of preview solution overall findability is greatly improved across SharePoint as previewing transparently embeds search functionality when ever relevant. Ontolica Preview includes powerful findability functionality to empower the end-users to quickly decide if a given document contains relevant information. With inDocument search, long documents are quickly analyzed to find and highlight relevant passages. Intuitive zoom controls ensure that the fine print is legible, even on small mobile and tablet screens.
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