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Ontolica Solution Use Case
Preview on public web sites
Improving public web sites
With the release of SP2013, more organizations are looking to SharePoint to provide the platform for their public websites. Adding a preview solution to a public website significantly increases functionality and stickyness to a website to vastly improve the overall visitor experience.
Search is the main internet navigation pattern.

As site visitors navigate a website the search functionality serves a key purpose and has become the default navigation form on many sites. It is well known that search functionality has a high impact on how visitors evaluate e-commerce sites. For instance, there is a direct correlation between how long visitors spend on the site and customer conversion. In short, the quicker visitors can find what they are looking for, the greater the probability of a sale.
Thin client requirement

For a preview solution to function properly as an add-on to a SharePoint based public website it is required to be completely transparent to the website visitor, and that no client-side plug-in or download is needed as that would dramatically increase bounce rates. Furthermore, site visitors are increasingly using mobile devices to browse the internet, so preview must be implemented in a technology that is compatible with mobile devices.
Preview in SharePoint 2013 for public web sites
The built-in preview functionality in SharePoint 2013 requires extra infrastructure in the form of a separate Office Web Apps server farm. This can create challenges with preview on a SharePoint based public website, as it is needed to make the Office Web Apps servers accessible outside a firewall in order to enable native SharePoint 2013 preview.
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