Fusion / CtrlSync for SharePoint
CtrlSync solves this:
(Without any user interaction)
How to automatically download files from multiple locations in SharePoint to users'  Desktops.
How to automatically fetch and upload files from users’ Desktop to different Libraries in SharePoint.
How to centrally manage and monitor things like: What users gets what files downloaded from multiple sites in SharePoint. What files from users laptops to automatically upload into SharePoint. Report when specific users or teams are up-to-date with all files.
1-Way Sync
Files are kept identical and flagged ReadOnly. Sync on demand/regular basis.
2-Way Sync
Managed conflict resolution and sync on demand with versioning. 
Sync files to Field Workers Desktop Automatically
  • 1-way, 2-way classic, 2-way indirect with workflow 
  • Know when everyone is in Sync & Up-To-Date
  • Files are automatically downloaded to Field Workers PC
  • Centrally Managed from a single SharePoint List
  • Supports Office 365, On-Premises 2016, 2013, 2010
  • Corporate branding and custom business logic 
With Fusion and CtrlSync, Sufray has created some amazing tools to sync files and data across different platforms. When it comes to sheer speed, there is no match in the market. Fusion and CtrlSync is by far, the fastest. Whenever I need to move or copy a huge amount of files to or from SharePoint, I always choose Fusion first. It just delivers!
Ulrich Bojko - Consultant Factory - Denmark
This unique application allows you to tackle any project knowing that with this 'Swiss' boxcutter of information technology, you can create a lot of solutions: Latest project migrated 350,000 documents from Oracle DB, file system to SharePoint in a few days - awesome speed.
Marco Di Monte - GoalWare - Italy
I wanted to just throw a kudos out to you and your team for making the service configuration work really nicely with alternate accounts. Solved my original issues all together. Well done.
Zach Eisenhauer - Spindustry - USA
WOW! I suggested a little improvement in functionality to be considered and a week later it is being implemented with a whole lot more. What a responsive team! I continue to be impressed by your group.
William Lang - Lincoln Electric System - USA
Definitely a great tool, we often use it for complex migration to SharePoint.
Philippe Mélisen - NSI IT - Belgium
We are kicking off this relationship with a solid implementation of one of the coolest SharePoint tools out there
Zach Eisenhauer - Spindustry - USA
Enterprise Software for SharePoint
Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007
Indirect Sync
Sync on demand with versioning
and central approval.
No one can update files directly!

1 - Sync files 1-way to folders on users’ Desktop or OneDrive.
2 - Fetch new or updated files and upload to staging Document Library for approval.
3 - Sync new files and versions to all subscribing users, servers or SharePoint sites

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