“CtrlSync for SharePoint” - Distribute Files from SharePoint to users’ PC Desktop Automatically

Written by Steen Jakobsen
“CtrlSync for SharePoint” makes it painless to automatically distribute files from SharePoint to users’ Desktop, without any user interaction whatsoever.
  • Users no longer need to do anything to get all relevant files downloaded to their PC. Files just pops up on their Desktop automatically, and are kept up-to-date.
  • Users don’t have to know where files are stored in SharePoint or keep track of numerous download links.
  • Users spend no more time finding or downloading files for projects etc.
It’s all automatic – and 100% centrally managed and monitored from SharePoint.

  • Users have: No more old versions!
  • Users have: No more missing files!
  • Users have: No more obsolete files!

In other words: Users are Up-To-Date and have all files on their machines!

(Supports: Office 365, SharePoint On-Premises 2010, 2013, 2016)

Check out the video here

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